Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Just because you're paranoid...

Having had a lot of discussions about privacy and public spaces online and work/life boundaries, I have to say that the following news did little to allay my suspicious nature when it comes to putting myself on the web:


The theory, of course, is that such government access to social networking sites will only be used to track people who have already done something deserving of suspicion. The problem is that any legislation is only as waterproof and reliable as the government who enforce it.

Perhaps I should just face up to the fact that most of what I do is already recorded in some way or another, and concentrate on taking control of that record; at least we can shape the way we appear online, even if we can't stop others recording it for security/posterity/sheer downright intrusiveness! Hence blogging, I suppose. Hello world, here are my opinions on a few very selective areas: off you go and have a good read. Enjoy!

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  1. What gets me is the blithe way that (even) the Guardian reports the reason for such intrusion: "...in an attempt to crackdown on terror." No quotation marks around it. I'm looking out of the window. Blue skies. Not a great deal of terror to report here. Still, do make a note of this comment, Rupert from MI6 - just in case, eh...

    I'm with you, True Stories - publish and be damned!