Monday, 23 February 2009

On blogging

It's a strange thing, to find myself actually the proud owner/author of a blog as opposed to a comfortably anonymous lurker. I've played the latter role for a long time on various blogs, and now I'm childishly excited to finally have my own. However, now that I have it I think I may have developed the blogger's version of stage fright; it's surprisingly difficult to press the 'publish post' button after tapping away into this composition box. Thankfully the course tasks require me to get on with it, but it still feels rather exposed: it's a little like writing the reflective practice journal I produced for my PGCE, but then presenting it not just to my tutor but to the entire world!

It seems to me that anyone taking this on needs to be absolutely sure what the function of their blog is and why they are producing it. Without a definite purpose, a blog turns into either an inadvisably public virtual bits-and-bobs box, or a cavernous expanse of nothing at all. I can think of a couple of reasons why I might create and continue to contribute to a blog - as a space for creative and reflective activity, as a teaching and learning tool, or even as a kind of meeting place for people with the same interests - but I'd need to create these individually and keep them separate. Unless I timetabled in each update, I think they would all come into the 'infrequently updated' category though!

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